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Anne Allan

c. 1709 - ?

The entry for Anne Allan’s baptism in the Kilwinning Parish Register reads:

Anne Daughter to John Allan and Marg(rest of first name illegible, but probably Margaret) Maire in Greenend of Fergushill bapst. Wednesday January 5th


Anne Allan’s parents were John Allan and Margaret Mair. In 1697, John and Margaret were described as ‘in Mountcurr’. Between 1700 and 1711 they were ‘in Greenend of Fergushill’. Both of these locations are in Kilwinning Parish.

Brothers and Sisters

On the evidence of the Kilwinning Parish Register, Anne was the sixth of seven (lawful) children. Her two sisters and four brothers were:

Elsya, baptised on 30th December 1694; John, baptised on 3rd October 1697; Robert, baptised on Wednesday, 19th August 1700; David, baptised on 21st February 1703; Marg(aret), baptised on 31st October 1705; Gabriel, born Friday, 30th March 1711 and baptised 1st April.

All of these events took place in Kilwinning Parish.