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Robert Caldwell

21st December 1716 - ?

Robert Caldwell was born on the night of Friday, 21st December 1716, in Kilwinning Parish. The full Parish Register entry reads:

Robert Son to William Caldwell & Agnes Millar in Burrowland born ffriday’s night Decr 21st and baptised on Wednesday 26th.

Robert Caldwell’s marriage to Anne Allan was recorded at Kilwinning on 2nd July 1736. The parties had given in their names on Friday, 11th June and they were ‘both in this parish’.

Brothers and Sisters

On the evidence of the Parish Registers, Robert Caldwell was the second of seven known children. His five brothers and one sister were:

William, born on Wednesday, 2nd February 1715 and baptised at Stevenson on Monday, 7th. The full entry in the Stevenson OPR reads:

William son to William Caldwell and Agnes Millar in Croshill of Kilwinning born on Wednesday ffebruary 2d and baptised at Stevenson on the Communion Munday ffebruary 7th.'

Margaret, born 12th October 1718 and James, 18th December 1720, both recorded at Irvine.

Note that in connection with Margaret the Irvine OPR designated the parents as ‘in par. Kilwinning’. The entry for James is silent on the matter, but it can be taken that William and Margaret were resident in Kilwinning Parish thoughout all or at least most of this period.

The subsequent entries in the Kilwinning Parish Register were:

George, 1722:

George Son to William Caldwall and Agnes Miller in Burrowland Born on Thursday morning Novr 8th and Baptised on Sabbath November 11th

The first George must have died in infancy, for he was succeeded by a brother of the same name in 1726:

George Son to William Caldwall and and Agnes Miller in Burrowland Born on Saturday at noon August 6th and Baptised on Wednesday August 10th

John, 1728:

John Caldwall – John son to William Caldwall and Agnes Miller in Burrow land was Born on Sunday at night October (illegible) Baptised in Sabbath November 3d