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This entry is intended as nothing more ambitious than my personal home page, uniting in one convenient location links to the various web sites which I use on a regular basis, or, in a few cases, maintain.

However, if there is anything in here that might be of interest to you, please do feel free to come in and have a look around.

The photo on the left is me, exploring my practically non-existent Celtic roots at Glencoe, Scotland, during the summer of 2000.

If for any reason you feel moved to contact me, e-mail me!

Since 1990, I have been a vegan, so donít worry, Koo the chicken, an ex-battery hen who eventually died of natural causes, was in a lot less danger than might otherwise appear to be the case. The jacket (long since worn out and binned), incidentally, was not real leather. So appearances can be deceptive. Shona the dog was real enough though.

So why am I a vegan? No particular reason, just an instinctive feeling that terrorism and food preparation should be two distinct processes.

Where I Live

I was born in Irvine, brought up in Troon, went to University in Glasgow, since which time I have lived and worked in Stranraer, Dumfries, Manchester, Stockport, and Glasgow again.

For twenty years and ten days my wife and I lived in Thornhill, about ten miles north-west of Stirling, where I wasted much of my time feuding with the truly monstrous Thornhill & Blairdrummond Community Council during and in the aftermath of my membership of the mercifully long-defunct North Common Inaction Group. I got my own back on them though - I came top (out of thirteen candidates, chasing twelve places - thatís Community Council democracy for you, in all its shining glory) on the most recent occasion when they managed to raise enough candidates to hold a ballot (2003). If anyone out there wants to know what an a non domino title is, just drop me an e-mail and Iíll tell you.

I am now safely back in Ayrshire, where I live with my wife, Lucy, and donít plan on moving again any time soon.

Friends of Dundonald Castle

The above postcard, postmarked 1907, is based on a black & white photograph.


Burnawn Family History Services

The Ancestors of Robert Cunningham

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Technical Stuff

Or, more precisely, stuff that was generally considered quite technical in 1997. Iíll leave it in for now, shall I?

Color Codes Free Animated Gifs
BBC Sport Football Sky Sports
Rangers Sportsound

Favourite Music

I have, with fluctuating levels of intensity, been heavily into David Bowie from the age of 15 (yes, it was that mind-blowing performance of Starman on TOTP in 1972 - without doubt my annus mirabilis - which did it for me too!). These days, I listen to The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars at maximum volume with both hearing aids in and freely admit to wearing bifocals.

Around the turn of the millennium - under the influence of the excellent Trash and Hey Stoopid! albums - I rediscovered and found myself somewhat possessed by Alice Cooper. Welcome to my mid-life crisis.

The Strawbs are another of my long-time favourite bands.

Iím a huge admirer of Jacques Brel too.


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